Rank UI

Rank UI is an overlay that displays rank information for the current game you're playing. (Currently supports Overwatch, PUBG, and League of Legends.)
Big thanks to OP.GG for the LoL stats! It will display information and then sleep for 3 minutes. If you are NOT playing a supported game, it will sleep.

Rank UI is still in its infancy. We plan to add more games and stats per-game. We are subject to some of the stat builders' API restrictions.

How to Set up Ranks in Rank UI
Setting up ranks in Rank UI requires you to log in first. That way we can associate your settings with some sort of identifier. Then you can use the Rank UI form to add Overwatch bnet tags and/or a PUBG.

To get started click this button to go to the Rank UI editor

Notes on how to set up OBS are below.

Here is an example (bottom-right):

How to Add Rank UI to Your Stream

This tutorial assumes OBS is used and BrowserSource is installed.

Add a BrowserSource. Resize afterwards and move around.
Apply These Settings
Setting Value Notes
URL http://nymmy.com/rankui/{your specific id} Ex: http://nymmy.com/rankui/2r3f-3f3f3a-safq-faaf-3ft
You must use the editor to get this URL.
Go to Editor
Width 500
Height 200
CSS body { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); margin: 0px auto; overflow: hidden; } Default in OBS
Shutdown source when not visible Not Checked Default in OBS
Refresh browser when scene becomes active Not Checked Default in OBS